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Meir Apel – Ergoplus is a well known Physical Therapist Clinic with over 42 years of experience.

Our team compound of qualified Physiotherapists recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Health with a lot of experience in various kind of physical therapy treatments especially, treatments for deficiency in muscular and skeletal system and , treatments for dizziness from the cervical spine or vestibular dizziness (Vertigo).

Mr. Meir Apel, the head of Meir Apel – Ergoplus Clinic, is a qualified Physiotherapist graduated from Wingate Institute and is recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Health since 1981. Since his graduation Meir Apel specialized in many professional techniques in various courses taking place all over the world.

Meir Apel opened his clinic in 1985 and during the years since treated thousands of patients who suffered from pains, sport's injuries, after car accidents and acute and chronic disorder.

Following are some examples for the diagnostics that Meir Apel had successfully treated over the years:
Neck and head pain, Shoulder tendinitis, tennis elbow. Golf elbow, wrist and fingers disorder [C.T.S fractures and dislocations].
Spine problems as: herniated cervical and lumbar discs. Lower Back Pain,
Knee injuries [meniscus tear, A.C.L P.C.L M.C.L];
Pelvic and back pain during pregnancy;
Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, calcaneal spur, rehabilitation after orthopedic surgeries.

The clinic is equipped with the most innovative electrotherapy equipment, such as Shock Wave Therapy recognized by the FDA, rehabilitation equipment like Ultrasound, T.E.N.S, and cervical and lumbar Traction and other devices.
Meir Apel – Ergoplus clinic is located at the center of Tel Aviv Israel.
If you wish to fix an appointment please call: 97236969787, 97236916391

Physical Therapy
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